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Financial Modeling for Businesses: Supporting your business towards growth and profitability

Leonine offers you a bespoke financial model that powers your business operations and growth

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Leonine provides tailored support to your business through the development of detailed budget and financial forecasts that will help you make sound data driven decisions today that positions you to thrive long into the future

Our Financial Models are designed to simplify, test and translate strategy into financial forecasts for superior outcomes such as:


Incorporates smart business drivers in ​ strategic sustainable business planning


Enhance data-driven decision making​.​


Derive business cashflows that can be used for valuation​

Risk Management​

Identify key risk factors through model scenarios and sensitivity analysis.​

Capital Raising​

Guaranteed higher odds of raising funds and seamless experience in all capital securing stages.​

Performance management

Enhances and Monitor performance ​ and key business drivers in a timely​ manner​.​

User friendly

The model generates insights/ reports that are user friendly and easy to use by stakeholders

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Why Choose Us?​

We prepare world class financial models
and ensure the achievement of your financial objectives​.

Members of our team have worked at leading global organizations and leverage their expertise and relationships in meeting your objectives

Our strong track record of advising small, medium and large scale businesses in diverse industries make us well positioned to understand and meet your unique business needs.

The combination of our expertise, tailored approach and after-service support leads to quality outputs for your business that are superior to similar advisory firms, but without the VIP price tag.

In the fast paced finance world, time to delivery can make all the difference and we prioritise this in our approach.

Trusted by 100+ local and international businesses of varying industries with a transaction worth of N100 billion executed

“If you have a strategy but you don’t have a plan as to how you’ll finance strategy, it becomes a dream. Leonine provided us with a financial model to help us plan for the present and for the future – up to 5 years. It was key and value adding.” 




About us

Leonine Investment Services Limited (“Leonine”) is a financial services firm which comprises industry experts and investment professionals who are passionate about maximizing value for businesses and other stakeholders.

Our Vision
is to be the most trusted financial consulting services provider in Africa.

Our Mission  is to empower businesses to maximize value and help businesses across Africa reach full potential for the ultimate benefit of the investing public and the larger society by providing cutting-edge financial  advisory, training and tech-enabled solutions.

Financial advisory services to businesses, government agencies and family offices. Some of our advisory services include financial analysis and due diligence, business planning, financial modelling, data analytics, valuation and capital raising support.

Let's help you put numbers to your ideas and strategies

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